This and That

I worked out an outline for a story (kind of a fairy tale, kind of an allegory) a week or so ago while I was crocheting (see, it’s mindless work). I typed it out, the outline I mean, and apart from letting my husband and one other person see it, have let it sit. Two problems: (1) I think it’s a good plot/outline and (2) I’m not a writer. Something I realized last night was that I tend to write with humor. Yes, I think if you search around enough you can find my soapbox posts and a few reminiscing ones, but for the most part I tend to inject humor into any available nook or cranny.

Humor doesn’t tend to lend itself well to allegory.


I think the problem is the story, as I’ve thought it out, is too sweet, if you know what I mean. I don’t think I could endure writing (much less reading) fiction that contains no humor whatsoever. But I don’t know if I can adapt it to include any humor.


In other news:

1. There’s a cherry picker opposite my house taking down branches from a big, old oak tree. I guess they’re getting ready for hurricane season. Speaking of which, it sure was a wimpy season last year. I wonder if that will change this year. Hm.

2. Today’s high is supposed to be 98. Tomorrow’s should be 100. That’s hot. That’s I-don’t-care-who-you-are-and-where-you-grew-up hot. My current bedside book is The Little Ice Age (nonfiction). I’m sure there’s no connection. On the other hand, it’s nice to read about the Thames being frozen to the point that they held fairs on it during the winter.

3. I’m so glad the quilt top is finished. Last night I added the last piece of border to a quilt I started ages and ages ago so that top is done too. I can’t show pictures because it will ultimately be a gift. Later. However, I’m going to the store to get batting today (I already have backing) and will start quilting it possibly later today. I took a long hard look at the situation last night and decided to machine quilt. What the heck. I don’t have an extra 200 hours just sitting around waiting to be filled.

4. Somewhat related to #2, the children are pestering me for a pool. This takes planning because although our yard looks level, it isn’t, and you have to find just the right spot or the water all goes to one side. Like last year. Based on the spot we looked at yesterday, I’m going to have to buy a longer hose. Sigh. This is also an investment because you can’t just get a little molded plastic pool for five kids. One year we did get two, but we’ll have to see.

5. I need to hunt around for a “Keepin’ it Real” Award winner. Stay tuned later in the day.

6. I need some new books. We may have to hit the library.

7. Don’t let me forget to bake Litya bread for tonight!!!

8. And because today is the leavetaking of Pascha, one more time,

Christ is Risen!!!

11 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Dear Matushka Anna,

    It's nice reading about your thoughts and feeling in your posts because they show how to truly live out the Sacrament of everyday life, that which most people ignore or forget. I'm from the other side of the world (Australia) and I don't know the Presvitera at my Church as well as I do you, strangely enough.

    Christ is risen!


  2. I enjoyed this post. It was hot yesterday here, but now it is only 80 degrees with a breeze; I have my windows open… (later in the day it will be worse as the sun comes right in my apartment but for now, all is calm…

    Christ is Risen!!


  3. One of the hottest days in recent memory (and remember, we live in the land of no airconditioning) I sat outside, drinking ice water, and reading “The Children's Blizzard” – that was the heatwave I told Dh that I wanted to have a hammock instead of a bed, because air would circulate around us.
    Stay cool.


  4. Yes, I lived in the land of no airconditioning too – in Bothell. We were there during the summer of 2003 when it was in the 90's for weeks. I like that book too (if it's meteorological history, I probably have it…)


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