Memorial Day

For all those who gave their lives (and limbs) so that we can enjoy the freedoms we do…




Julian R. Buzzett
First Lieutenant, U.S. Army
Service # O1102177
237th Engineer Combat Battalion
Entered the Service from: Florida
Died: 6-Jun-44
Buried at: Plot F Row 15 Grave 21
Normandy American Cemetery
Colleville-sur-Mer, France
Awards: Purple Heart

God bless all of the American servicemen, all over the world.

And for our departed servicemen, Memory Eternal!

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. I do not have many relatives who have served our country in this way- two uncles (both suffered terrible PTSD) are all. I'm sure part of that has to do with my being a first generation American, though.

    May their memories be eternal!


  2. Don't feel bad, Michelle. You're mostly missing out on the agony of listening to the news, the agony of watching someone leave at the airport and the agony of waiting. I left out the tremendous number of other relatives who served because I was just doing people for whom I had photos. It was just that kind of family.


  3. I am surprised to learn my husband was “wounded” while serving with the Marines in Iraq in 2003. He would be a little more than embarrassed by your statement, and by the conclusion you allow your readers to draw by stating he was wounded. Use of that particular word can lead you down a slippery slope. He saw the truly wounded… and made sure those Marines that were beyond wounded got home. He himself received a few non-life-threatening injuries from non-combat related accidents, and would honorably shrink away from comparing the two, noting that many more suffered a far worse fate than a broken finger and a herniated disk.


  4. I'm sorry that you feel that way. I didn't say that he had a life-threatening injury, just that he was injured. He did have to have surgery for his back. I would have included the details but I don't like posting personal details about family members who are not comfortable revealing it themselves.


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