Joplin Tornado

On a more sober note, at least 89 people have been confirmed dead in Joplin, MO after yesterday’s tornado. The pictures from the area are breathtaking and not in a good way. What made this tornado so bad is that it was slow moving (some are saying it “parked itself”) and it went straight through town demolishing everything including the city’s hospital. All of the patients were evacuated to other hospitals afterward but at this time there are no numbers known on the casualties at the hospital itself. There are a few videos circulating, some which were taken by tornado chasers, but the one that triggered an actual physiological reaction for me was this one, taken by someone in a convenience store walk-in freezer where people had retreated to what they hoped was safety. The darkness heightens the fear because all you can rely on are sounds, and the sounds are bad.

Please pray for the victims.

[Update: The death toll is now 125. The National Weather service has determined that this tornado was an EF5.]

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