Guess what *I’m* doing!

After almost a year of staring at these supplies and doing nothing with them I finally got it out this afternoon. You know, I love, love, LOVE my new rotary cutter and mat. The cutting has always been my least favorite part of quilting. [Disclaimer: Dinner wound up being an hour late tonight because I didn’t plan well and got carried away. Just in case anyone was feeling that “how does she do it all?” feeling. Answer? I don’t.]

This is going to be a summer-weight blanket for a special baby girl. I’ve never crocheted in cotton before and it’s different! I like how the pattern is coming out in stripes because of the variegated yarn. This was a complete surprise. [Another disclaimer: I’m doing about a row a day here. It’s a sloooow process.]

8 thoughts on “Guess what *I’m* doing!

  1. I love the colors! I think you need to give yourself a “Keepin' It Real” Award for this post 🙂 Whenever I get caught up at my sewing machine, something else goes to the wayside. I always underestimate how long something is going to take.


  2. Ha ha, Kelly beat you to the punch and gave me one earlier! (c: Thanks!

    I like the colors too. If I'm going to be sitting at the sewing machine getting cramped shoulders then I had BETTER enjoy the colors of what I am working on! I have some other stashes of fabric I want to do too. I think I had better get this one done first. I am the QUEEN of unfinished projects. Susanna (at Singing Needles – see sidebar) and I joked about forming a business called “The Best of Intentions” for finishing other people's unfinished work. (c;


  3. I need to join your group 🙂 I always have great ideas, too, and they never get finished. Take scrapbooking, for example. I made a book for David by his first birthday. I haven't finished another one since… and now we have four kids. I don't think I'll ever get caught up. I'll hopefully get them done by the time my children graduate 🙂


  4. Our baby books are a beautiful visual example of “the evolution of the large family”. The first one is put together, the next one isn't as nice, the third one is half done, the fourth has some stuff stuffed in the front cover (but is otherwise empty) and there is no fifth one.

    I hope the kids are turning out better than the books!


  5. Yay for projects! I can relate to the struggles… for me it seems that I get a new idea and make it too big then it overwhelms me and I don't do it because I no longer know where to start… well…one thing at a time!


  6. Not that I have the quilt my great-grandmother didn't get finished languishing in a closet, or anything. I started working on it in 1985, no kidding. She started working on it in the late 30's. It includes two blocks her aunt made around 1900 or so.
    Think it's genetic?


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