A few more Reality Checks…

Ok, a few more. Just to get things started. Then I think I’ll reach out every Monday and slap one of these on someone’s back. At least it won’t say “kick me!”

Soooooo, the next “Keepin’ it Real” Awards go to…

Rebekah at Verdant Bents for her total lack of pretensions and admission to serving vegetables still in the cans for dinner…


Nonna at Nonna’s Neuropoetry for always being completely honest…


Kelly at A Day’s Journeyย for being especially brutally honest about what it takes to get two little children through Holy Week at a cathedral…


Michelle at Our Little Monkeys for her consistent doses of reality especially regarding adding a new baby to an already “real” house.

My hat is off to all you ladies who keep it real on a daily basis and don’t mind letting the rest of us see your clay feet. Please feel free to reach out and tag someone else.

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