I didn’t know that!

Our host has been down for the last 2 days so those posts and comments are temporarily missing. Possibly we will see them back up later today.

During that time I’ve found out some fascinating things about a friend that I never knew and never suspected. It made me realize that there are lots of things about us that people would generally never know because they just don’t come up in conversation. I mean, hello, you usually just don’t drop the fact that you used to sing opera in casual conversation! (That’s not me, that’s the friend.)

So here are ten things (if I can think of that many) about me that I never divulged here:

  1. I can’t walk in heels higher than 1 inch. Seriously. I’ll fall down. You can stop laughing now.
  2. I really, really enjoyed math in school – the last class I took was multidimensional calculus in my college freshman year and the professor told me I should be a math major – but I can’t teach it to save my life.
  3. I have never been out of the country. I’d like to go to Wales.
  4. I saw The Shining at a party in ninth grade and had nightmares for two weeks in which I saw someone standing over my bed with an axe. That was my last horror film ever. [In 12th grade they tried to get me to watch Silence of the Lambs and I left after five minutes.]
  5. I used to play the piano until we had to get rid of it before we moved up to seminary. Wah!
  6. I can make a hut out of bamboo and palm fronds.
  7. I’ve never taught any of the children to tie their shoes. Father did.
  8. When I was sixteen I got behind the wheel of the family car, was handed the keys and said, “now what do I do?”
  9. The first time I met Father’s family I had a sinus infection and probably bronchitis. He carried me out to the car (we were at college), drove me to his house and his mother put me to bed. I spent Thanksgiving weekend there except for dinner. I took a shower but had forgotten my hair dryer – and was meeting all of his relatives.
  10. I was in the “Miss ___” pageant in high school only because we had a tiny school and they were scraping the bottom of the barrel. When I came out wearing an antebellum dress, one of the little girls I babysat said, “Mommy, look! There’s Cinderella!!” This was the highlight of my evening.

Consider yourself tagged! Let us know 10 random things about yourself and leave a comment here to tell us where to go (or stick them in the comment if you don’t have a blog). Humor encouraged but not required. (c;

16 thoughts on “I didn’t know that!

  1. 1. I've been to Wales, but not the gorgeous part; stayed in a B&B built in 1480 and supposedly owned by Dr. Dee, Queen Elizabth I's alchemist.
    2. I've published articles about C.S. Lewis, long long ago.
    3. I've been in Raymond Burr's house. His companion was my late father in law's cousin. This was after Burr had died.
    4. One branch of my family were notorious “horse thieves and Injun killers” -fortunately another branch were ministers and teachers.
    5. I saw Simon & Garfunkel right before they broke up, the Supremes right before they broke up, Ike & Tina right before they broke up. Probably I good thing I don't go to concerts any more.
    6. Last wore high heels in January 2009; there may not be enough money to get me to ever wear them again.
    7. I was in both the terrible Mississippi hurricanes, Camille & Katrina, and am not really even a Mississippian.
    8. My birthday is Groundhog Day, so if I see my shadow I get to go back to bed. (My rule.)
    9. I taught myself to play piano. Once a real musician looked over my shoulder and said, “What are you playing” – I pointed to the music and said, “That.” He replied, “No you're not.” That tells you everything.
    10. I was a long-distance telephone operator back when we plugged lines into a big board. Those were the days.
    This was fun!


  2. ah thanks Mat. Anna! Yeah, I guess I did not link mine did I?… Cleo IS the cutest Cat in Canada (though shockingly others think they have the Cutest Cat in Canada!)…


  3. Okay I've got to add my own in here, I'm having too much fun reading everyone else's:

    1. My favorite snack is Twizzler's and Orange Juice. The kid in me still likes to bite off the tops and bottoms and drink the juice through the straw- if you haven't yet, try it… your kids will think you're even weirder than you already are.

    2. I do not always set a good example for my kids. (That's right, I am not perfect and I've accepted that)

    3. My blog was intended to be 'our' blog. A collaboration with my husband, unfortunately I took over with my, “Gee, I think that's interesting” or “I think I'll share that today” logic. It's turned into nothing of what we originally conjured up.

    4. I used to be awful at Geography. But, I would use my secret way of passing it off that I'm slightly aware of where someone would be referring to by using my clue of whether I've known the place to be either hot or cold and usually get by with, “That's in the southern hemisphere right?” Note: On reflecting of what I've just written, I think it may be safer to just ask where exactly that is but again, if you're awful at Geography what help will that do? Better to just stay clear of those conversations or just politely nod.

    5. I once thought that a concoction was the name of an actual dish.

    6. Most of my wardrobe is either extremely faded or contain stains.

    7. I always resist the urge to try and convert the bible bangers/JW's knocking at my door- and I'm slightly mixed up on whether that's a good or a bad thing.

    8. I often paraphrase southern speech. I.E. “Well I'll be dawggone” or “Ya don say”

    9. I was once bitten on the butt by a dog. Note: There's no sign of evidence- that I can see.

    10. I don't use nail polish, makeup or any extra bodily substance that isn't shampoo or lotion and my family still thinks I'm beautiful.


  4. Great lists, everyone! I haven't bought Twizzlers in a while. Hmm… I like to buy the multicolored ones.

    Flowers for the Teacher: I do #7 too. It usually ends with the person running for the street. I guess that's good…?


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