3 thoughts on “Birth Story

  1. Thank You for sharing your story .We have lost 9 children to miscarriage and have 6 living . It takes much grace to find peace that our little ones are indeed home . I read one of your earlier posts about someone sending you a nasty letter , to get over it etc.
    honestly has that person never lost anyone they love ? grieving is different each time we expereince a loss and each one of us grieve in our own way.
    I found it extremely difficult when we lost twins , it seemed it was taking me longer and I was much more depressed then as I prayed God reminded me , that of course I was grieving harder I'd lost not just 1 baby but 2 !
    Mother Mary was of great comfort to me .
    I also have a twin my mother lost while expecting us so I will love to meet my sister one day when I return home ☺
    again Thank you for sharing


  2. Rox, I'm so sorry you have lost so many children. One is too many, but nine seems unthinkable. It seems reasonable that you would take longer to recover after losing twins. You did in fact lose two babies, even though there was one pregnancy.

    I hope that sharing my own story may help someone else. It was cathartic for me to write it. I'm sorry that pregnancy loss is such a taboo subject – people have enough to deal with, grieving the loss of their child, without having to face insensitive comments and awkward silences too.


  3. we had 2 very negative experiences when we went to the hospital while miscarrying so the last 4 babies I just miscarried at home where it was peaceful and loving although very alone as well there was no hatefelt attitudes from insensative doctors . then had a check up afterwards with my own doctor & midwife.I've been thinking of doing a blog post about healing after miscarriage as in the spiritual , mental and physical. my last one I bled a lot and was very weak right after so I'd like to write about herbs that heal too.
    healing takes time , take joy in the little things with your family , I found peace in silence and little things , quiet tea with a friend things like that


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