6 thoughts on “Agape Vespers

  1. Our parish always does Agape vespers at the location where we have the parish picnic on Pascha. My mother-in-law took videos this year, so I was able to participate from afar. It is always such a joyful service.


  2. He is Risen!

    I almost asked if your vestments were made by Krista – it looked so much like her beautiful work!! 🙂 She's our khouria at St. George's here in Oregon. I've seen her workshop – she's works really hard, and manages to balance everything too… homeschooling her daughters, being a khouria (priest's wife for those of your readers who don't know), chasing her one year old daughter… she's one busy lady! 🙂

    The pictures of your Agape Vespers turned out so lovely… I didn't get to go this year because Isaac woke up with a fever Sunday morning – and both the boys had a terrible cough… 😦 Thanks so much for sharing pictures – I don't feel like I missed out on it completely now! 🙂



  3. That's neat, Nonna! Those were the first Athonite vestements made by Krista. We even had to mail them back to her at one point for an exhibition. She had been wanting to do something like that for a while and had some really nice brocade…anyway, we gave her a great excuse to try the experiment. I'm sorry you missed Agape Vespers. We actually didn't have any illness or car trouble this year to get in the way of Holy Week and Pascha. I guess losing Innocent was enough. Well…

    Christ is Risen!
    Indeed He is Risen!


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