+ Holy Friday + Holy Saturday +

Buying a lily for Innocent’s grave.

Not crying in Walmart.

Passing the torch: the girls did 95% of the decorating for the tomb.


Venerate the tomb.

Lentil soup.

“How’s the pregnancy going?”
“I, um, lost the baby…”


Pickles falls asleep. We look like the Pieta.

Breaking down during the ninth ode:

Do not lament Me O mother
seeing Me in the tomb,
the Son conceived in the womb without seed,
for I shall arise,
and be glorified with eternal glory as God;
I will exalt all who magnify thee in faith and in love.

Pickles wakes up.

Process around the church with the shroud.

Entering the temple under the shroud.

Home. Bed.

3:36 alarm.

Psalms over the tomb.

It’s Holy Saturday…


6 thoughts on “+ Holy Friday + Holy Saturday +

  1. The girls did an amazing, amazing job with the flowers. It's very strange to look at a blog and see pictures of where I just was! Looking forward to the rest of it.


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