22 thoughts on “Innocent’s Burial

  1. Memory eternal, Innocent. I'm searching for words of comfort, but even with the hundreds of miles that separate us I can't stop the tears running down my face. If anything your post gave me comfort. I don't think that's fair, I should have something to say to help you and not the other way around. Your family is in our prayers!


  2. Memory Eternal! I am so comforted that he has such a great Saint to be with him and that today old calendar is this Saint's day. May God remember little Innocent always in His kingdom! My love and prayers…


  3. Memory eternal. Thank you for sharing these pictures– I know it is a vulnerable time for you, but know that we weep with you. Continued prayers for you and yours.


  4. Oh Matushka, these photos, especially the one of you preparing Innocent, are so beautiful, heartbreaking, and innocent.

    My love and prayers, as I type through tears


  5. Matushka, I have been in tears. I can only offer my prayers for dear little Innocent who know must know how much he was and is loved.
    And for you and your family as you grieve.


  6. To share your grief with all of us, not to hide it from your children or the world has been such a gift. I am awestruck by your strength through this. Sweet Innocent bears such a witness to the awesomeness of life. May his memory be eternal.


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