Herbal attempt

I’ve started some Vitamin C and some black cohosh. I’d have gotten blue cohosh and red raspberry leaf too but they weren’t available. I’ll consider ordering them if this has no effect. I’m keeping a careful record of what I’m taking and when and a fluid record too. I know the possible negative side effects and am being watchful. Anyone who has had any experience with these is free to comment on it.

Father has arranged to be able to go with me on Thursday and this is a great weight off my mind. It will be so helpful to have some support. My thinking right now is to wait, even for a good while, and avoid a D&C. I’m also going to question the misoprostol policy a little further. That isn’t making much sense.

I thank you for your continued prayers.

9 thoughts on “Herbal attempt

  1. Much love and many prayers, Mat. Anna, and memory eternal. Thank you for sharing this loss with all of us readers so we can pray for you and your baby and your entire family.


  2. As far as the herbs are concerned, my midwife gave me a tincture of a mixture of black and blue cohosh (perhaps something else was in there, too?) to induce labor for a prolonged pregnancy with other issues going on. It was highly effective and kicked in rather quickly. However, she did say that my body would have only been receptive to something like that if it was actually ready. (Hope that makes sense.)You continue to be in my prayers.


  3. I know you've stopped with the herbs for now, but if it comes to starting them up again, you could also try some of the pressure points to help induce labor. There are several that I know of (hand, ankle, and lower back) and you could probably find out more from your midwife or a brief google search.

    So much love, and many prayers for you. I'm glad that Father is able to go with you tomorrow.


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