I found out today that I lost the baby about a week ago. They weren’t able to find a heartbeat at my appt on Tuesday, I had an ultrasound yesterday, and they told me today. I haven’t had any physical signs. I’m planning medical rather than surgical management so we will be able to have a funeral. Please keep us in your prayers.

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  1. Prayed and prayed to St. John and felt very peaceful about mid-day today so I know that God has answered our prayers for the sweet baby and all of you-

    Continued prayers and love,


  2. Meg,
    Mike, Milo and I are so very sorry for your less. I am grieving with you and hope that peaceful days are soon to come!
    We love you,


  3. Oh, dear Mama, I am so sorry for your loss. Last night I had a dream about your baby, though the details are too blurry to remember. My prayers for you and your family. May this child's memory be eternal. My babies, Gregory and Anastasios, now have another sweet child to worship alongside them.

    (the word verification for this comment is “erews” which I read as “He rose.” Fitting, I think.)



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