Six quick takes (couldn’t think of seven)

1. I was reading Goodnight Moon tonight to Pickles (doesn’t everyone have that book?). My technique to encourage reading is to leave blanks for the child to fill in. This works with picture books and very, very familiar books. Since Goodnight Moon rhymes it’s particularly easy. Unless…

“and goodnight…..gloves.”

Oh well.

2. Legos have taken over the house. At night, it behooves me to slither* across the floor rather than walk, especially if I have to go into one of the children’s rooms. Yes, I’ve learned this the hard way. It doesn’t matter if the floor looks clean at bedtime, you know there’s always one tiny grey lego out there with your name on it. Kind of the way your floor looks immaculate until your 7 month old scoots across it at the speed of light to retrieve a dropped cheerio seen at a distance of 15 feet.

3. Everything, well almost, is blooming! I haven’t actually gone out to take pictures yet, but I will soon. The weather has been so warm that things just popped out seemingly overnight. The azaleas are going to be gorgeous this year. As usual.

4. I’m working on something using the angora/silk/bamboo yarn. It’s delicious. The drape is out of this world. When it’s done I’ll put up pictures of it.

5. A couple weeks ago Father got a non-motorized lawn mower. To be honest, it doesn’t cut in the same way that a motorized one does (duh) but it’s so nice to be able to smell cut grass and not smell exhaust. The sound is significantly reduced as well. It’s pretty neat. Even the older girls have been able to use it (with supervision).

6. My father will be having a procedure done this Friday. Please keep him in your prayers.

*Every time I do this I remember my grandmother hollering from the shore, “Drag your feet!” when we were out in the surf. That way you’d just bump into a stingray on the bottom which would (hopefully) encourage it to swim off, instead of coming down squarely upon it which would encourage it to stab its stinger into your leg. This kind of sticks with you. Especially when you watch someone step on one.

9 thoughts on “Six quick takes (couldn’t think of seven)

  1. My sister has been stung twice. Use meat tenderizer in the unhappy event that you step on one. Then get to the ER (to make sure it's all out and for pain medicine).

    Gee, Ecaterina, if you're thinking along those lines, then I would have thought sextuplets from the title (God forbid!).


  2. Loved this Meg. Oh, the stingray memories. Scalding hot water felt better than anything. I remember watching the venom come out of the wound when I plunged it into the HOT water.
    My yard is in bloom too. It's amazing how it affects my mood for the better 🙂
    Miss you!


  3. If only the 9-month-old were only scooting across the floor for a cheerio. In our house it's tiny pieces of cat litter. Which we know about after the fact when they are found in his diaper. I've never had to be so vigilant until this kid!


  4. I stepped on a lego about a year and a half ago and chipped the bone giving me plantar faciitis. It took almost a year for that to heal. So watch out for those legos! We currently have a bunch of duplos all over the floor because my MIL let the kids borrow them from her home, and it is all they want to play with now. At least those are harder to step directly on top of. Although, this pregnant lady doesn't need to be tripping on anything right now.

    We'll be praying for your father.


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