Update on Japanese Orthodox Church

Japanese Orthodox Church reports that priest, wife safe

Posted 03/17

SYOSSET, NY [OCA] — According to a communique posted by the Autonomous Orthodox Church of Japan on March 17, 2011, contact has been made with Father Basil and Matushka Mary Taguchi of Saint John Church in the East Japan Diocese, who had not been heard from since the magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami hit the northeastern part of the country. The first floor of their church and meeting hall were flooded, as was their rectory, but the second floor is usable.

In the same communique, His Grace, Bishop Seraphim of Sendai, said “we are so grateful to the many letters and e-mails from inside and outside Japan.” He also offers an updated report on the situation of various parishes in the East Japan Diocese, which may be accessed at http://www.orthodox-jp.com/westjapan/earthquake/message_Bp.html.

The web site of the Japanese Orthodox Church — http://www.orthodoxjapan.jp/ — has been experiencing difficulties, as has the web site of the East Japan Diocese. Updates are being posted on the web site of the West Japan Diocese at http://www.orthodox-jp.com/westjapan which has an English language section.

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