11 thoughts on “What is wrong with this picture?

  1. Well, I wasn't looking at the prices because I was too busy looking at the juicy steak!

    In all fairness, the tiny print under $3.99 says “2 lb. package” although I know it's impossible to see in the picture.


  2. HA!! 🙂
    Oh man… last night my mom and dad had steaks for dinner… they smelled so good… 🙂 living with non-Orthodox family during Lent is interesting to say the least…

    On a semi-related note, we're praying about a little house for rent 30 that's 30 seconds from our church. It would be such a blessing, but I don't know if we'll qualify, or if they'd let us have our cats… God's will be done… if you think about it could you send up a “Lord, have mercy!” for us? 🙂



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