Salvation: Orthodox and Protestant

Reader Steve, who blogs at Pithless Thoughts and has a podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, Steve the Builder, does a nice job of comparing and contrasting the Orthodox and Protestant views of salvation in this video. This is a tricky subject and it is so easy for people to fall into the trap of making snide remarks. It is also simply a difficult thing to explain well. I think Steve does a good job and it is worth your while to have a look. No theology degree needed.
Feel free to leave any comments you wish, but you may also want to
visit the original post and read the comments there.

5 thoughts on “Salvation: Orthodox and Protestant

  1. I think Rdr. Steve has always done a good job putting things into laymen's terms without making you feel like he's talking down to you.

    On an unrelated note, when I typed the address to your blog today, I missed one letter, which took me to a different site altogether:

    When I tried to load Fr. Benedict's blog and got the same page (I did not yet realize that I had misspelled blogspot), I was ready to weep. For a moment, I thought a quick Internet drive-by to see how things were in McComb had turned very sad indeed.

    I was happy to realize my mistake.


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