10 thoughts on “Cadbury Love

  1. Get them away! I'm still trying to finish the half-price Valentine candy before Lent! Yes, I love these things. And can you believe the stores already have Easter candy out, two months in advance? I don't dare buy any of them this early though. All that whispering my name stuff would be more than I could handle. ;>)


  2. I love them too!! It was such a rare treat when I was a kid, I recall walking down the side walk slowly licking the centre out, trying to make it last 🙂 We can usually find them year round. I can't say I've ever wanted for a creme egg, lol. I had my first one of the season last week. Part of me gets annoyed to see all the Easter eggs come out on Valentine's Day…but I make some exceptions.


  3. Yes! I love them 🙂 I haven't had one yet this year, so I better get one that soon.

    The chocolate in England is better, even the Cadbury in England tastes better than the Cadbury we have here. My hubby usually remembers to bring me back some when he goes to London.

    Ok… i think I need go find some chocolate now…


  4. They had some of this candy out on Feb. 15th. Scandalous. I usually buy a little at a time (of any of our favorites – we like the mini-eggs too) during Lent and save it up for Pascha. If you wait, you may not get any. Especially if Pascha is waaay after Easter. OTOH, I just LOVE going out to get half-price candy between Easter and Pascha! heh heh heh (c;


  5. Gosh. This may be the one thing that we don't have in common. I usually eat one or so per season, but they're too sweet for me. Maybe I haven't experienced all the varieties?

    Thanks to the link to pure+lovely's post. Hilarious as usual! 🙂


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