Double Scoop of Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Mint

I dashed these little hats off this week in some spare time. They’re for Rachel’s girls, Abigail and Alena, due by c-section next Tuesday. I had some sudden inspiration in the yarn section of Wal-mart and couldn’t resist. I know they’re a little over the top, but too cute! It’s hard to tell, but the tan section at the base is supposed to be the top of the ice cream cone. The hardest part was trying to make them small enough!

10 thoughts on “Double Scoop of Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Mint

  1. so cute!!! I admit at first I thought the post was going to be about ice cream; I've really been wanting some but don't have room in the freezer for a whole carton! would be nice to have a little before lent though! 🙂


  2. oh. my. goodness. Too cute!! Maybe you'll be able to get a picture of them to post… nothing could make these cuter but two sweet little faces beneath them… 🙂



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