"Weather Blunderground" or "The Great Winter Hyperbole of 2011"*

I just checked Weather Underground to see where the squall line was (while the rest of the country gets snow, we get thunderstorms and potentially tornadoes) and something funny caught my eye:
“Get updates on the Great Blizzard of 2011 by listening to…”
The Great Blizzard of 2011? I’m sure there will be a blizzard – there doesn’t seem to be much doubt about that – but to already be calling it “The Great Blizzard of 2011”? That seems a little ridiculous. I mean, say it’s going to be very severe weather and post appropriate warnings and all, but let’s leave the naming for the history books for after the storm. What if we have another blizzard in a month that blows this one away? Wouldn’t you feel silly calling it “The Other Great Blizzard of 2011”? It’s like calling the first battle of Bull Run, the “First Battle of Bull Run” before the “Second Battle of Bull Run” happened. It’s sensationalist media run amok.

(*The first title was mine, the second was Father’s suggestion. His is better, drat it.)

3 thoughts on “"Weather Blunderground" or "The Great Winter Hyperbole of 2011"*

  1. ah, sigh. MEDIA…

    there's warnings up here for it too… funny how they introduce tomorrow as 'ground hog day' … sigh.

    stay warm and have lots of food on hand, just in case…



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