7 Random Things

1. Wow. Tomorrow the forecasted high is 72 and low is 25. Oh, and severe weather too. (Duh!) This reminds me of a time about 12 years ago when a cold front was coming through. The meteorologist was saying “you have got to go outside and feel this thing come in.” Oddly, there was no rain to speak of associated with the front. We stood outside in the front yard and waited for it. The wind started galing and we felt the temperature drop approximately 35 degrees in five minutes. When we started getting pelted with sleet we headed in.

2. Wheat Thins and cream cheese don’t make the most nutritious lunch. But it’s good.

3. Ever notice how worry makes you cold? I think grief does this too. I wonder why…

4. Speaking of cold, it was cloudy and cool all day today. All I wanted to do was curl up, reread That Hideous Strength (or the Hobbit) and go to sleep. Sadly, the house can’t run by itself.

5. Turning aside from cold for a moment, Liberty Biberty (in Australia) had a delicious post (literally) about her daughter’s tea party. The pictures were precious. Just looking at little girls in sundresses makes me long for warmer weather (and I know I really can’t complain when the high Saturday was 70 – thbthbth!).

6. Ginger looked at a miniature Eiffel Tower our friends brought back from France for us and said, “Look. It’s a statue of Paris.” (He got it right a minute later.)

7. I am in a total creative rut. Absolutely. Anyone got any inspiration?

5 thoughts on “7 Random Things

  1. Think of gardening–
    In South Georgia, potatoes are planted around Feb. 14th.
    I planted sweet peas and harvested them on Earth Day April 22.
    Start preparing the garden plot for spring planting.
    Get some potted herbs for your mantle–grocery stores have them for less that 2.00 and then use them in a healthy dish.



  2. If I recall the cold thing has to do with our body's response to stressful (fear, anger, sadness, anxiety). To protect it's self the body sends blood to the major organs cooling the extremities…


  3. I've been busy making robes and baptismal gowns of all shapes and sizes, so my creative list is growing as the days go by. You said you wanted to try quilting- here's a pennie pocket idea from the Moda Blog… http://www.modabakeshop.com/2009/02/valentine-pennie-pockets.html

    They also have crocheted cheneille heart shaped purses idea, and flatware holders that could double as chocolate bar holders, change purses, and easy projects for 3 girls.

    I'm following up the Periwinkle wedding with a cathedral window pillow- deceptively easy! Lots of folds, not much sewing.. and a beautiful outcome.

    And .. add some green pepper jelly to the cream cheese and wheat thins- even less nutritious, but so delicious!


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