Sanctity of Life Sunday: statement and resources

I am unable to travel to Washington D.C. to march with the other Orthodox Christians and scores of other pro-life demonstrators. It is too far away for someone who has (1) five little children and (2) a duty to have them in Vespers on Saturday and Liturgy on Sunday. I do what I can from my little house in South MS.

What I can do and have done is post on the evils of abortion and the disdain for life from whence it came. I’m sure not everyone who comes by this blog is thrilled to see “yet another abortion post” but I will not just post on the pretty things in life. One day with God’s mercy I hope to hear “well done my good and faithful servant.” Sins I have aplenty, but however sinful we are, we are all called to protect the vulnerable, the sick, the hopeless, the abandoned, the orphan, the widow. I feel that I have done precious little on this score. God forgive me.

Here is some suggested reading (and an excerpt of one article may be found below):

Metropolitan Jonah’s Message for Sanctity of Life Sunday

March for Life Fact Sheet 2011

Resources for Sacred Gift of Life Sunday: Protecting the Life of the Unborn (2010)

The Sanctity of Human Life
Rev. Dr. Stanley S. Harakas

Abortion and Public Policy
Rev. Peter J. Pappas

Abortion: An Orthodox Statement
V. Rev. Timothy Baclig

An Orthodox Perspective on Abortion
Priest Joseph O’Brien

The Roots of Roe v. Wade
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

The Lessons of Roe: Thirty years of learning
Frederica Mathewes-Green

The Status of the Unborn — An Orthodox statement on abortion
Fr. John Breck

The Lazy Slander of the Pro-Life Cause — Do pro-lifers care about life after birth
(An excerpt is below.)

Staggering: U.S. passed 53 million abortion mark in 2010

The Lazy Slander of the Pro-Life Cause

by Helen Alvaré, Greg Pfundstein, Matthew Schmitz and Ryan T. Anderson
January 17, 2011

One of the most frequently repeated canards of the abortion debate is that pro-lifers really don’t care about life. As much as they talk about protecting the unborn, we are told, pro-lifers do nothing to support mothers and infants who are already in the world. Liberal writers such as Matthew Yglesias are given to observing that pro-lifers believe that “life begins at conception and ends at birth.” At Commonweal, David Gibson, a journalist who frequently covers the abortion debate, asks how much pro-lifers do for mothers: “I just want to know what realistic steps they are proposing or backing. I’m not sure I’d expect to hear anything from pro-life groups now since there’s really been nothing for years.”

This lazy slander is as common as it is untrue. Of course, there is much more that needs to be done, but in the decades since Roe v. Wade, pro-lifers have taken the lead in offering vital services to mothers and infants in need. Operating with little support—and often actual opposition—from agencies, foundations, and local governments, pro-lifers have relied upon a network of committed donors and volunteers to make great strides in supporting mothers and their infants. It’s time the media takes notice.

In the United States there are some 2,300 affiliates of the three largest pregnancy resource center umbrella groups, Heartbeat International, CareNet, and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA). Over 1.9 million American women take advantage of these services each year. Many stay at one of the 350 residential facilities for women and children operated by pro-life groups. In New York City alone, there are twenty-two centers serving 12,000 women a year. These centers provide services including pre-natal care, STI testing, STI treatment, ultrasound, childbirth classes, labor coaching, midwife services, lactation consultation, nutrition consulting, social work, abstinence education, parenting classes, material assistance, and post-abortion counseling.  


No major pro-abortion group or institution has taken on a comparable commitment to vulnerable Americans. Pregnancy resource centers devote significant resources to supporting women who have already decided to have an abortion, but abortion advocates offer no similar support to women who wish to continue their pregnancies. Indeed, they often devote their resources to shutting down the services provided by pro-lifers. NARAL Pro-Choice America reports spending twenty thousand dollars on “crisis pregnancy centers” in Maryland in order to “investigate” and publicly smear such centers for demonstrating a bias for life. (One might point out that the same bias once motivated the entire medical profession.)

(read the rest)

Here are some more resources in addition to those linked above:

Zoe for Life! (Orthodox Christian ministry to help pregnant women in crisis, assist couples to adopt and educate youth about abstinence)
Rachel’s Vineyard (non-denominational ministry for post-abortive women)
Project Rachel (ministry to post-abortive women by the Roman Catholic Church)

One thought on “Sanctity of Life Sunday: statement and resources

  1. Thank you for sharing all these link, especially the last three. I was searching, but couldn't find organizations that were opposed to the morning after pill. It is weird that so many Christian organizations are anti-abortion, but still offer information on the morning after pill, claiming that if the egg hasn't been implanted than the fetus isn't formed. How are we to know that exact moment? Lord have mercy!


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