Extreme Makover: Monastery Edition

Spring Bank Abbey is a Cistercian monastery in Wisconsin, founded in 1928. It was always a small monastery. After the reforms of Vatican II, the monks valiantly tried to continue their monastic and liturgical traditions. But their numbers dwindled to the point that the remaining monks found it necessary to move to a new location in the 1980s. The old abbey church was somewhat spare, but nice in its own way.

Photos from this Flicker site.

In their new quarters, the temporary temple was in the style of outdated modernity.

Photo from Sub Tuum, a blog of one of the monks.

Someone had an epiphany in the last year and the monks renovated their temple, using many of the pieces from the old abbey church. Here is a delightful video showing the renovations. (I might add that the music was cleverly chosen.) Applause to the monks for beautifying their church! I hope they continue to recover their rich inheritance.

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