Wise observations about knitting

This is a hilarious and on-the-money post about knitting by Alana at Morning Coffee. I don’t knit (yet) but this can very easily be applied to crocheting. I absolutely laughed aloud as I read it.

So, lets pretend you are at the “I knit scarves” stage of back and forth knitting business. Here’s is your step by step guide to developing your knitting skills to the place where you can do pretty much anything with two needles and some wool.

Step One: You must know how to knit and pearl and be able to do this with a good even hand. This is where many beginning knitters stop their mad knitting skillz development. It’s a great place to start but there is so much more, grasshopper, so much more! When you get to this point, develop your addiction by knitting some scarves to give as Christmas gifts to your friends. If you’ve been dating a man or woman for a year or so, a hand knitted scarf might be appropriate. Do NOT, however, knit him a sweater until the ring is on your finger, girl!

Go here to read the entire post – it’s so worth it!  Thanks for the laughs Alana!

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