On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…


After what I said about the children being disappointed at the lack of snow yesterday, it was rather a shock to go outside to head to church this morning and see snow flurries. The flakes were tiny and of course nothing was sticking, but there it was all the same. Those were some excited children! After church it was still floating down and the temperature had dropped. When we got home I checked and the wind-chill was in the low 20s. Apparently Indiana had run out when we left for church and he was squealing to be let in when we drove up. Genevieve was rather smugly curled up next to a heating vent. We’ve had a quiet afternoon (I read in bed next to Pickles so he would go to sleep) and are looking forward to lots of leftovers. It’s odd how little it felt like Sunday today. When we left church I was really thinking we had just attended a week-day festal Liturgy. Christmas yesterday really usurped the place of honor in the week.

I hope everyone on the Gregorian calendar is having a nice Christmas!

7 thoughts on “On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

  1. We were fortunate to actually have a white Christmas… and a white day-after Christmas. It has been snowing all day, but it is very cold. I completely agree about church today- the boys actually stayed home, so it was just me and my girl. The church was pretty empty, too. The combination of people going out of town, lots of church services in the days before and the snow made attendance pretty low. I'm glad you had a nice relaxing afternoon πŸ™‚


  2. I really dislike the cold, but snow here is such a rare event that I actually went outside with Joseph to make two snowmen.
    As an aside, you do not know how often I have comforted myself in church these days by just repeating your explenation of “praying with your feet'. I keep telling myself that my continued atempts to attend mass with the children count, even if I only catch a flard here and there.


  3. how fortunately to get snow on Christmas. They were predicting some of us, but we've ended up with nothing.

    I've seen you commenting around on my Ortho-friends blogs so I thought I'd take the time to come visit you too.
    Happy Christmas.


  4. Yes, it was sparse on Sunday. So many people in our parish drive a good distance, that once they had driven for the other services I think they were rather worn out!

    The snow was only in the form of a few flakes falling and not sticking, but it was exciting none the less. There's something about realizing it's snowing that makes me suddenly and irrationally happy.

    Faerieeva, I'm glad that helps. I STILL have to remind myself of that.

    Welcome DebD! Nice to have you here. (:


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