Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Praying everyone has a joyful Christmas!
It’s cold and quite windy here. Father said it’s trying to sprinkle. I wish that meant snow. I have several family members who are probably getting snow right now. Our children were expecting some, just because it was Christmas. Never mind that it’s never snowed on Christmas before and now we are so far south as to practically fall into the Gulf.
I feel very accomplished. I just constructed a rocket ship all by myself. The aliens and spacemen have taken over now and I hear that Dr. Who will be making a visit in the Tardis soon.
We had a very nice lunch today (albeit a little lacking on the veggies). Genevieve ran around the kitchen begging. She was rather frantic. We had to have someone give her kitty-treats in another room before she had a conniption.
I told the children that they could have whatever they wanted for the rest of the day. Then I took a nap. Bliss.
For the first time ever, I did not take any “Christmas morning pictures”. I decided I wanted to experience it in the moment and not through a lens. I did take pictures of the children in their new PJ’s last night. They looked very cute.
Well, this is the first day of Christmas. Eleven more to go!

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