New Orthodox CD Out

The phenomenal choir at St. Symeon’s Orthodox church in Birmingham, AL made a CD which has just been released today. It includes hymns and music mostly from Lent, Holy Week and Pascha, but some things are sung all year round. This is the choir that Met. Jonah said was the best he’d heard since he was at Christ the Saviour in Moscow. As soon as some audio clips are available I will post those so you get a sense of how heavenly their singing is. I ordered my copy this morning and am quite anxiously awaiting its arrival! We ordered a few copies for our church bookstore as well. To order a copy contact the webmaster at the church website. They are $15 each.

3 thoughts on “New Orthodox CD Out

  1. Woo hoo!! I just got the email back from Alex this morning telling me how much it would all be including postage so a check is heading off tomorrow. Can't wait!! I've got a parishoner waiting impatiently too!


  2. Just an fyi- the cd count at church is dwindling. I'm hoping we'll order another box- that's a BUNCH gone within a week! Fr Seraphim has also asked we send some to AZ. I HAVE to hear your comments when you listen all the way through!


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