Lunar eclipse: Penumbra {blogging in real time}

I’m still in my coat and shivering. You lose a lot of body heat lying on concrete.

I went outside for a little while after 11:30 to see if I could tell when the moon entered the penumbra. (I couldn’t.) It is as bright as, well, not day, but really bright in any event. You can read by it and that’s not an exaggeration – I actually did.

The moon was almost too bright to look at with binoculars. I tried taking some photographs but they were totally whited-out. I’m going to have to let the eclipse progress a little bit before the camera can handle it. I changed settings around and still didn’t have any success so I’m just going to have to wait.

I’ve got water heating for hot chocolate. I’m sort of scared to change and go to bed because I’m afraid that I will not get back up.

Let’s face it: I am trying to do this with entirely inadequate equipment. My eyes work fine, but I was hoping to capture some images to remember it later. Here’s an example of what I got:

{about 11:45}

Total Whiteout


 Managed to filter out some light but lost the focus

{about 12:15}
Awesome! Fiddled around after checking for some tips online and got these.
 You can see the penumbra at about 7 o’clock.

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