Children’s Christmas Crafts: Pomander Balls

This is a really simple project, and adaptable for different ages.
All you need are citrus fruit (usually oranges but you can use others), whole cloves and a ribbon. I suggest using a fork or something else to make the holes for you. This will save your fingers in the long run. Look for cloves on sale and/or get store brands because they’re usually expensive. 
Also suggested is working on a paper plate. The juice will start coming out and things can get sticky.
Start by poking some holes with a fork. (You may want to do this yourself for younger children.) If you have your face too close to the orange, the juice may end up in your eye. Just a warning.

Then just insert a clove, pointy end down.

Don’t make the holes too close together or the peel will rip.
 Try doing radiating lines or other patterns.

When you’re done, you can dust them with cinnamon or not. We usually don’t.
Then tie a ribbon, piece of yarn, piece of twine (whatever) around the ball leaving some
extra at the top to form a loop.

Tie a bow at the base of the loop and hang. (We hung ours on the Christmas tree because
I couldn’t think of anywhere else at the moment. They’re nice in the entryway and in the kitchen.)

These will gradually dry and shrink. As they shrink the cloves will be closer together, even touching. The cloves prevent it from rotting. It is advised to keep it in the open air until it dries a bit. After they dry, they will last several years. Not only do they sweeten the air (and it’s wonderful!) but they keep away moths.

6 thoughts on “Children’s Christmas Crafts: Pomander Balls

  1. 'What a great craft idea!

    Is this the sort of “they won't rot” like someone told me about ukranian pysanky eggs, that I found rotten and maggot infested on my top shelf a few months after pascha last year?


  2. (LOL!) Alana, I've never been brave enough to try that with the eggs. I always blow them. These will not rot if you place them such that they have air circulation. I wouldn't pack one away with the Christmas ornaments. Can you imagine the nasty surprise you'd have next year? (c; You can hang one in your pantry or anywhere you have decent ventilation.


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