The Trees of Christmas Past

We were trying to remember what the Christmas trees looked like when we were little so we looked on Shorpy tonight. There were some fantastic trees! I just had to share a few of note.

Look at the ceiling light. Did they just not use it until after Christmas?
(Look at the front of the toy car: “Buick”)


This is the Wright family tree. They have one lucky little sister. I’m coveting that doll house furniture…


This is the WIDEST Christmas tree I have ever seen. Ever.


Is it just me or does that little boy look like he’s in heaven?


This tree is on a homemade mechanical rotating stand that made different electrical connections as it turned to produce thirty different light combinations. Wow. Apparently the stand is still in use today.


This picture was taken in Miami.  That is one bright tree.


All we did was go to Shorpy and search for “Christmas”. It’s a fun little excursion! If you visit the site and view the photographs there, you can zoom in and see incredible detail. Now, I should note that we don’t remember anything like these! We were mostly remembering things like the little plastic flower surrounds on the tree lights. Anything anyone else is nostalgic for?

2 thoughts on “The Trees of Christmas Past

  1. How fun! I was a child in the fifties. I remember bubble lights and lots of tinsel. And my grandmother's fantastic fruitcake.
    One year my grandmother (aka Mrs. Christmas!) did her decorations all in pink, white, silver and gold. White flocked tree, pink angel-hair on the mantel, pink poinsettia, etc. etc. It was absolutely gorgeous. That is, it was gorgeous if you looked at it a while and then went home. She was totally sick of it in about three days! The next year, it was back to a green tree.
    I didn't comment, but thoroughly enjoyed all the posts about y'alls decorations.


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