Sign of the End Times

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 I had not heard of this before. Women are choosing “selective reduction” (killing one or more babies in the womb while leaving one or more) for twins. Two babies perceived to be too much trouble? Just hire a hit man in a white coat to knock one off for you. I don’t think this is pardonable in the case of multiple babies no matter how many there are. [And frankly, if you get rid of IVF with the implantation of multiple eggs, you might not even have to worry about this. Natural multiple births (more than twins) are actually pretty rare.] People may argue about this (and I’m prepared to have the combox fill up) but how many people support “selectively reducing” a twin?

Like so many other couples these days, the Toronto-area business executive and her husband put off having children for years as they built successful careers. Both parents were in their 40s — and their first son just over a year old — when this spring the woman became pregnant a second time. Seven weeks in, an ultrasound revealed the Burlington, Ont., resident was carrying twins. “It came as a complete shock,” said the mother, who asked not to be named. “We’re both career people. If we were going to have three children two years apart, someone else was going to be raising our kids. … All of a sudden our lives as we know them and as we like to lead them, are not going to happen.”

She soon discovered another option: Doctors could “reduce” the pregnancy from twins to a singleton through a little-known procedure that eliminates selected fetuses — and has become increasingly common in the past two decades amid a boom in the number of multiple pregnancies.


“I do believe people should have the choice, given the cost of raising children today,” she said. “You want to be able to provide for your children … to give them the things they need to become the best adults they can become.”

You kill one child and expect his brother or sister to be the best adult they can become? Hello?

Read the entire thing here.
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Come quickly Lord Jesus!

13 thoughts on “Sign of the End Times

  1. Nauseating….just really disgusting. Lord have Mercy. I have never heard of this before , but I suppose I should not be so surprised.

    Having just lost my 4th little angel, the images of my little one are so fresh in my mind. I really can't believe that there are people out there that could “see” (via u/s OR in their mind) a little baby in their womb, with tiny little arms and legs, a beautiful heartbeat, etc. ….and say to their doctor “I really only wanted one, can we GET RID OF THIS ONE?”



  2. i had heard this before, still every time one comes across things like this is equally shocking. It's also revelating how the woman's words bring forth the deepest cause of all things similar to this one, sheer egoism.
    “our lives as we know them and as we like to lead them, are not going to happen”. I was reading earlier today the words of Elder Joseph the Hesycast. He says that a man's personal will is an iron wall between man and God.


  3. Isn't this another name for abortion? Aborting one, leaving the other?

    Imagine, if we did not have God as our highest “value,” we might be as lost as this woman. Without God, what is sanctity of life? What is there to live for? Thank God we heard Him calling and answered His call. It is not impossible that this woman will also hear Him before the end. How many saints were once as lost as she is now?


  4. Lord have mercy! There was an article a while back written by a woman who became pregnant with three babies. She didn't want to 'compromise' her 'life-style'. Once she found out that the babies were a set of twins and a stand-alone, she opted to kill (let's not mince words) the twins. She even admitted that her husband was completely against her decision but, hey, it's 'her' body. That people actually speak of these things in public with no shame is unbelievable. I agree completely with you Matushka. This must be a sign of the end times.


  5. Good heavens, Maria! How absolutely nauseating and chilling. What is her (remaining) child going to think of her one day? It could have been me? No shame, no shame. We could do with a little more shame around here…


  6. My grandmother had a therapeutic abortion of twins,about ten years before I was born. They would've been her seventh & eighth children.
    She never stopped mourning for them; I even know their names.
    Growing up with that story makes it even harder for me to grasp these attitudes. Matushka, you're right, we COULD do with a little more shame around here! A lot more.


  7. I had heard about this years ago, and back then it upset me. Now, having lost two babies, it upsets me even more. I think of all the people who want to have children and cannot, and then others are electing to just get rid of babies they don't want out of convience. And, yes, it is exactly the same as abortion. How is it not? This is truly one of the greatest, if not the greatest, evil of our time. It just breaks my heart. Lord have mercy on the people who make and who are involved/affected by decisions like this.


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