Mixed-Up Weather

I have to say, it’s not too often you are simultaneously under
a Tornado Watch,
a Hard Freeze Watch,
and a Wind Advisory.
    The lightning out the window is cool though.
     I hope dinner finishes cooking before the power goes out…
    Oops. Sirens going off.

    [Update: no tornado – I think around here they set the alarms off for severe thunderstorm warnings too. Not a wise practice. (People will start ignoring sirens.) We did get a tremendous amount of lightning, rain and wind. It is now COLD outside. And, supper did finish cooking because the power stayed on. (c; ]

    One thought on “Mixed-Up Weather

    1. We turned on the weather channel last night and they were highlighting the line that had just passed through McComb. I thought that I should call to check on you but I knew you were likely having a wonderful time;)


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