Pretty over the kitchen sink

I started feeling kind of left out, so I decided to gate-crash the Linky party at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Thanks to Sh. Patty and Carlyn for inspiring me!
The goal was to make the area over your kitchen sink more lovely. You spend so much time there that it might as well be an uplifting place.
Before: clean but kind of blah. Note the dead flower.

After: fluffed up a bit.

I kept the cross. It was a gift from Duchess’ godfather.
I think the flowers look a little better. Don’t you?

Infinitely better than the original containers.
These were very inexpensive and were actually supposed to hold lotion.
They’re plastic too (so no worries).

Anyone else inspired?

12 thoughts on “Pretty over the kitchen sink

  1. Dear Anna:
    I just found your site through the photo you linked on Leila's blog.
    Just had to pop in and tell you how sweet your sink area is – I really really love it. The cross (so unique!, the lovely flowers and those pretty soap dispeners – just right!
    I'm looking forward to exploring your site – happy dish washing!


  2. Ok, well I can definitely go get some pretty soap dispensers..BUT I don't think my sink hardly ever looks that clean. And if you ask my husband, he will say that my sink NEVER looks that clean. I think THAT will need to be my first goal !


  3. I like the little one peeking over your shoulder in the window reflection in the second picture.

    I had read about, but hadn't realized, the difference that the soap dispensers make! I'm going back to Goodwill and seeing what I can find.


  4. Welcome, Teresa! You're welcome to rummage around here all you like. (c; I love that cross too. I think he got it in Greece (He travels a lot). I felt a little bad about putting it over the sink, but then I realized that it's kind of small and “gets lost” in other places. When it's at the sink I can look at it all I want and it's closer to eye level.

    Christine, I thought about doing the linky thing after I finished washing pots and pans this afternoon. I had been staring at that dead camellia and it was kind of depressing. So, if I had started from scratch like a lot of other people, that “before” picture would look absolutely horrendous!

    Magda, I think the picture is cute too. That's Ribby. I finally decided to get the soap dispensers when I saw a post at Nesting Place on simplifying your kitchen. The difference is amazing! It is startling how it changes your whole attitude about washing dishes. And it inspires you to keep your kitchen cleaner in general because it “dresses it up”.


  5. It looks so pretty! I love it! It makes me want to stay a while and clean up some pots and pans! I particularly love the prayer, as one cannot help but pray the words as one sees them. Not only is your sink looking good, but it's calling you to turn dishwashing into prayers. What more could one ask from sink decor???


  6. It looks lovely. The camelias are a dream and i also like the Jesus prayer reminder. I scatter those in all possible places so that i can be reminded as much as possible.

    p.s. If I ever washed a single dish in your sink I would get these paper towels showered and ready to be thrown away in no time!! I am very clumsy.


  7. How very lovely. Is the icon of St. Katherine? Love the Cross; I think it is a good place for it…


    love the soap dispensers too; smart to go with plastic… 🙂


    love the Jesus Prayer there too; so good; God is so good to us!


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