Easy Children’s Christmas Sewing Project

A few people have asked me lately about some easy sewing projects for children. While the ornaments we made weren’t hard, I just saw a project Anna (or rather her daughter) did that is about as easy as it gets. Easier than stringing cranberries and popcorn! (which isn’t all that easy actually)

She and her daughter cut out circles freehand from thrifted wool sweaters and such (just scraps, really) and then sewed them through the middle to create (a total of) an eight foot long caterpillar-like garland. It’s so pretty!

You can find the post here at Pleasant View Schoolhouse.

Pleasant View Schoolhouse.

2 thoughts on “Easy Children’s Christmas Sewing Project

  1. Beautiful — thanks for pointing this out! I was just planning something like this with paper… how much nicer to use fabric. I was concerned about the cost, but it sounds like time to see what the thrift store might offer…


  2. The more I see projects like this, the more I want to hit the thrift stores focusing on color and material rather than size and style! Think how many circles you can get out of one good-sized sweater…


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