I am in the middle of an order for a Columba blanket in wool. I have to say, I love this wool! It’s so springy, so soft and it holds its shape so well. When you hold the blanket up it has the loveliest drape.

The wool is a natural color, warmer than white (the picture above is more yellow because of the lamplight). You can see the color better in the picture below. It gives the blanket a very “heirloom” look. The skeins are teensy so it’s going to take about 15 to do one blanket!

This is the superwash wool – the amazing stuff you can throw in the washer! But it’s 100% wool and feels wonderful. I have another order for an Emelia blanket in wool after that. What a treat to work with!

[Note: I still have one of these blankets worked in acrylic as well as the matching bonnet in the shop.]

6 thoughts on “Wool

  1. Hi! Glad I found you. (through Ramia and Lucia's blog)I am enjoying your blog; I knew I would because we like all the same movies. 🙂
    As a mother of six, I can relate to “praying with my feet.” Thank you for sharing that.
    Anyway, happy to 'meet' you. You might or might not like my past blog posts about our visits to the Ruthenian Church. (I am Roman Catholic.)I also write about home schooling, politics, baking, whatever.
    blessings to you!


  2. Oh what a shame! I'm in very south MS. Orthodoxy is in somewhat slight supply here, but Houston is crawling with it! Lucky you! (I know you're Catholic, but still!) I went back and read the Ruthenian post too. Feel free to email me – it might be more convienent than going back and forth in a com-box! (c;


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