Illegal Cat-fighting Ring Discovered

CORNIX, NJ (KROW)– Two crows were just arrested on suspicion of running an illegal cat-fighting ring. The names of the crows are not being released since they are minors. They have denied all allegations but a video has surfaced in which they appear to be urging two cats on to fight. Cat lovers have raised an outcry at this new form of cat abuse which seems to be becoming more popular, especially amongst urban fowls. “To take such beautiful animals and break their spirits, not to mention the physical injuries that they incur – it’s just criminal. We are seeking justice for this gentle species.” Others have denied seeing any criminal activity taking place. “It’s just ludicrous,” said a crow who wished to remain anonymous. “Clearly the cats in the video were working out their own differences. The crows were just innocent bystanders.” Whether they were innocent remains to be seen. The lawyers for the birds have described the “pecking” seen in the video as “helpful scavenging of insects.” A local official for the SPCC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cats) has said it will push for more stringent penalties for lawbreakers. Jury selections begin next week.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Cat-fighting Ring Discovered

  1. That's amazing. You really wonder what the crows are up to — their behavior seems deliberate, and they seem to be picking on the white & brown cat. There was a Nature episode a few weeks ago about crows; they recognize individuals and will harass people who have been mean to them. Maybe this pair has some history with this cat? Intriguing!


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