Daybook: November 25, 2010, Thanksgiving

Outside my window…
It’s cool, 69 degrees, cloudy, breezy … absolutely delightful.

I am thinking…
How blessed I am.
I am thankful for…

My family
Having all of the basic necessities of life provided for
A beautiful house
The ability to crochet – it makes me happy
The digital camera
All of my extended family safe and healthy this year

From the learning rooms…

Nothing today!

From the kitchen…

Breakfast is almost ready. The table is set. I have a nice dinner planned for about 1 PM.

I am wearing…

A long black knit skirt (I love it – it came from LandsEnd), taupe knit top, my favorite blue apron, no shoes.

I am creating…

A Columba Blanket in wool. I love the wool! I’m planning a post on it all by itself soon.

I also put these candle holders together last night (adding the fresh things this morning). I know the picture is a little blurred. This is not copied out of Martha Stewart – it’s called “making do with what you have”. I wanted candles on the table but not in my standard candlesticks. I wished I had some glass hurricanes to use. I found some pecans. I remembered I had some large Mason jars. Hm. Then I tied a bow around the top. It still looked bare so I added the berries from the zillion Heavenly Bamboo bushes around the house. It’s the only thing we have that is a “fall color”; everything else is green still. I managed to put enough of this together with the last of the zinnias in a bowl of water inside a basket to make a centerpiece. You could almost believe it’s fall!
I am going…
Hmm. I don’t know of anywhere I’m going in the near future. We’re planning to go to Dallas for my youngest brother’s wedding just after Theophany.
I am reading…
At bedtime, because I’ve been so tired, I’ve been re-reading The Complete Chronicles of Narnia. Father gave me a beautiful edition for Christmas a few years ago. It’s a hardcover edition with old and new illustrations by the original illustrator Pauline Baynes. It’s such a treat. I fell asleep last night sometime after Aslan gave the animals the gift of speech.

On my special prayer list are:

My little nephews who both had uncomfortable procedures yesterday.
Baby Lucia and her family.
Elizabeth, who is still job-hunting.
A troubled family at church.
Rachel and Cameron, who are spending the first holiday after their daughter’s death.
Edna, Mark and Thomas, who are doing the same thing.

I am hearing…

Children complaining that they are hungry!

Around the house…

We cleaned the last two days so there wouldn’t be anything to do but the cooking and I started that last night. Lamplight is so nice on cool, cloudy mornings.

One of my favorite things…

Pickles singing “Pizza Angel” from VeggieTales. (The part where he sings “gooooooey” cracks me up.)

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Get one more homeschool day in before the weekend.
Begin the serious clean-out before Christmas.
Put the garden to bed for winter.

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing…

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Template courtesy of The Simple Woman’s Daybook

12 thoughts on “Daybook: November 25, 2010, Thanksgiving

  1. Oh that's just lovely. Which reminds me, I haven't thought of anything for my parents' centerpiece! (My Mom has never wanted to bother with them.) I'm sure we have semi-Fall things lying around. I'll have to get crackin'. If I come up with something cool, I'll have to post it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  2. Love your table setting….I hope you had a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving with your family !

    We “pretend” it's Fall here too !! Even though sometimes it's a pretty far stretch !


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