Introducing "Singing Needles"

Recently Susanna, a dear friend of mine, started a blog, Singing Needles. Now that she (like so many of us) has been thrown job-wise onto her own resources, she will be spending more time following her passion: delicate needlework specializing in baptismal and liturgical items.

Have a look at some of her work. I’m blown away!

AND, she also crochets and knits! But I think her genius is in needlework. Here is what she is working on now:

I love making clothes for children. I especially love making Baptismal gowns, knowing these will be treasured heirlooms for, perhaps, generations. With every stitch, I find myself thinking about the precious little one and praying for them, and their family. Every garment I give to their owners has a piece of me… some more than others, since I’m still prone to pricking my fingers from time to time!

Recently, I’ve learned a technique called “Lace shaping”. I have fashioned a 3-bar cross, and I’m now working on a Celtic cross. Both those will soon be available in a gown with bonnets to match, on boys baptismal convertible suit (pictures of those to come!)  and on Pascha Basket Covers.  These match Matushka Anna’s “ Hand Crocheted Blessings” blankets and bonnets.

I’m also working on more specialized garments for St Symeon the New Theologian Orthodox Church. Recently, we have been blessed with many young men who are eager to serve God in church, and thus we have stretched our Sticharia (alter server robes) to their limit! As with the cassocks, I don’t have patterns, and must sacrifice one of the burned, waxed, frayed stichar. So, from the ashes rises a phoenix… maybe?

I’ll post more photos as I complete projects. If you or someone you know would like to have one of these creations, feel free to contact me.
And, any suggestions are always welcome! 

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