.:Don’t support the Susan G. Komen Foundation:.

I just found out something that rather shocked me the other day:

The Susan G. Komen Foundation supports Planned Parenthood.

This was rather a sickening discovery since I’d (through the hospital where I worked) suppored SGK for many years. Not as a fanatic, but as a member of the hospital. Had I ANY IDEA of this, I wouldn’t have raised one finger.

And for those who would argue “but they’re helping fight breast cancer! What an honorable cause!” I would reply: abortions are a proven risk factor for breast cancer. Proven.

SGKF says that the reason they give funds to PP is for mammograms and early screening for poor rural areas. To quote Jill Stanek, “Is it really “morally permissible” to cause breast cancer in one room if screening for it in the next?” And in addition, once the funds are at PP, they are up for grabs. If PP were spending some funds to help little old ladies across the street and some to fund abortions, I would help the little old ladies myself and turn my back on the abortionists. If your sole care is to help women receive breast cancer screenings, send your money to programs who do just that. Don’t help kill more babies.

5 thoughts on “.:Don’t support the Susan G. Komen Foundation:.

  1. This is TERRIBLE! I have supported Susan G. Komen in the past too–I've had a couple of friends that had breast cancer. This shocks me. Granted abortions aren't all Planned Parenthood does but still…


  2. Thanks for this information. Breast cancer is an important cause for my family, as my sister died of it. However, I try not to let any $$ go to PP at all, ever.


  3. M. Anna-

    I don't have any argument with those who choose not to support SGK or Planned Parenthood. I would like to clarify, though, that the NCI workshop on early reproductive events and breast cancer concluded that there was no demonstrable breast cancer risk increase with first trimester loss (either induced or spontaneous abortion). In all fairness, one participant did present a dissenting opinion. The full report is available at http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/ere-workshop-report.

    On a completely different note, I've very much enjoyed the pictures from the monastery!


  4. I read about this on facebook, and someone pointed out that the March of Dimes also supports Planned Parenthood. Searching for more information on that, I found that some local United Way organizations also contribute to Planned Parenthood.

    Lord, have mercy.


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