Sneak Peak

Sneak peak of some Christmas presents in progress... And I can't describe anything because then the recipients won't be surprised! I'll try to take pictures and post after Christmas. You'll be interested in what I do with the wool in the third picture... Anyone else making things for Christmas?

Music Monday: Georgian Chant

[Georgian, not Gregorian. And that's Georgia the country, not the state.] Unlike some other Orthodox musical traditions, a lot of Georgian chant is polyphonic. Per Wikipedia, "Georgian folk music possesses the oldest tradition of polyphonic music in the world, predating the introduction of Christianity."  I've always like polyphony but I've mostly been familiar with the Western … Continue reading Music Monday: Georgian Chant

War Eagle!!

Wow! What a game! I know my brother and sister-in-law were cold, but ecstatic up in the stands. Auburn, undefeated this season (11-0) played their arch-rival Alabama (9-2) this afternoon in Tuscaloosa. Auburn was behind, 24-0 in the first half and came back to win 28-27!! Unbelievable! They head to the SEC championship game next … Continue reading War Eagle!!