Wacko Walmart

This has nothing to do with the trip. Well, that’s not entirely true, but, well anyway…

I had to run to Walmart this morning for a few forgotten items (like always, sigh) and while I was there I ran through the girls’ clothing section just in case. I have a hard time finding nice, modest dresses and skirts for the girls (like a lot of you out there I bet) but rarely you do see something so I tend to keep an eye out.

I wasn’t expecting to find anything since I’d recently been through the Walmart at home and totally struck out. The buyers seem to be running a house of ill repute on the side since their clothing all leans in that direction. But I digress.

So, there I was, in the girls’ section, and I found a rack of nice dresses. Not Christmas dresses (those are usually in good supply, but I find it a little difficult to send my girls out to play or to sit down and do schoolwork in red and green taffeta dresses…), but nice, normal dresses. Two were fine-wale corduroy and two were denim and they were just nice. And as I stood there, I got more and more angry. The place where we live is populated by fairly poor people and a lot of minorities (a majority of minorities – cracks me up), and this Walmart is in a high-end white area. I was struck by the obvious: the assumption is that if you are poor and not white you will buy trashy clothes. It’s angering and insulting and frustrating.

Just to make this tale more darkly humorous, I looked online at the suggestion of my MIL and found the very dresses. They were marked “not available in stores” and were $6 marked down from $7. I had just paid $14.50. My MIL said she had to go later and would ask about a price-adjustment. She did, and was told that while Walmart will match Target or Kmart prices, they will not match their own. Huh??

So we’re going to return the dress, order them online and have them shipped to the local store free and get them that way. For half the price.

Crazy. On so many levels.

6 thoughts on “Wacko Walmart

  1. I'm a former customer service manager at Walmart and I completely understand how TERRIBLE Walmart is sometimes. It's true that they don't match other Walmart prices but the only reason they give is because each Walmart gets to set their own prices. I can't tell you how many times I turned people away in your exact situation and had to suggest that they buy online and ship site-to-store for free. They really don't care about the customers. I'm glad I get to be a stay home mom now and be out of that crazy, mixed up world!


  2. That is just ridiculous. I really can't stand Walmart. Even going into the store makes me anxious. It frustrates me that their “sales” are sometimes only a few cents off the original price. They are just tricking people who see the word “sale” into buying things that aren't actually discounted in price.

    I tend to buy most of my children's clothing from consignment stores or Goodwill. If you pick a Goodwill in a nice neighborhood, you can find a lot of designer (beautiful!) clothing for just a couple of dollars. Or even better, if you wait for the sales, you can get the children's clothing for 25 cents.


  3. Michelle, unfortunately, the thrift stores in my general area have worn versions of the same things you can find at Walmart available. There is one consignment shop that has nicer things, but at nicer prices too.


  4. We have the same thing around here. I don't know if you are familiar with the TJX stores TJMaxx and Marshalls. We have eight of them within an easy drive, and you will find different stuff at each depending on zip code. Richer town, better stuff.


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