Links to Women Saints’ Lives

Wow! Thanks to Maria for posting the link to this list in chronological order of women saints! Each name is a link to a page with the saint’s life and troparion and kontakion. This list is on the Antiochian Archdiocese’s page. (The OCA maintains a page with links to saints’ lives as well (it’s divided into categories).)

For tomorrow, October 24th:

On October 24, the Church commemorates the Icon of the Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow. A woman named Euphymia (sister of Patriarch Joachim) received healing from sickness after obeying a voice telling her to find this icon and have the priest celebrate a Molieben with a blessing of the waters. This miracle occurred on October 24, 1688.

On July 23, the Church commemorates the Icon of the Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow of St. Petersburg, Russia. This icon was glorified in 1888 when the chapel where it was located was struck by lightning. Miraculously, the icon survived despite all else being burned, and twelve coins from the poor box became attached to the icon.

The design of this icon depicts the Theotokos, a most beautiful blossom of heaven, standing among the flowers of paradise. Her Son is visible above her in the clouds, the King of heaven and earth. Along both sides of the icon, framing the Mother of God, are suppliants asking for her intercession. She stands with her arms spread open and her head tilted as if listening. The tenderness and kindness of a loving mother are evident in her face. She stands in paradise and yet among us.

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