Orthodox Blog Awards

No, I’m not mentioning this because I’ve been nominated for the Supreme-Exalted-Orthodox-Blog-of-the-Year Award (unless someone wants to create it and award it to me (c; ), but because there are a lot of you out there who probably aren’t familiar with the annual Orthodox blog awards. Because of that, there are some awesome blogs that probably aren’t getting nominated.

Nominations have opened up for this year. If you have a nomination or would like to see winners from prior years, head to Eastern Christian New Media Awards and check it out. The categories are as follows:

Best Church News Blog
Best Domestic Church Blog
Funniest Blog
Best Individual Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Theology Blog
Most Visually Attractive Blog
Best Podcast or Internet Radio Show
Best Forum
and new this year:
Best Church Website
Best Jurisdictional Website

As you can see, one fantastic reason for popping over to ECNMA is to get some great recommendations for Orthodox sites to visit!


2 thoughts on “Orthodox Blog Awards

  1. No, no, wait! I have NOT been nominated! (c; Thanks for the flattering assumption but these awards are for the big-time bloggers! I edited the post to make it a little more obvious – sorry about that! I just wanted to make the awards a little more well known and point out the resourceability (Is that a word? Is now!) of those lists.


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