Always look at your feet before you leave the house.

Has anyone left the house not properly dressed? I know we all have had the nightmares about finding ourselves at school/work/church/etc. without anything on, but this usually doesn’t happen.

The other day I left the house to run to the store and on the way out the door called my sister. Well, I talked to her all the way to the store and for several minutes in the parking lot (we’re not far). Preparatory to getting out of the car I shifted my legs and suddenly realized I had never changed shoes: I was wearing blue flip-flops. Considering I was wearing a nice top and a long black skirt, the shoes were particularly inappropriate. However, since I was already at the store and because the store in question was Walmart, I went in anyway, figuring I’d just blend in. No one even looked at me twice. Half of them were in flip-flops themselves.

A worse story dates from my college days. I was attending a local little Episcopal church and was singing in the choir. I woke up late and realized I had about 15 minutes to be processing down the aisle. I threw on clothes and shoes and clattered down the stairs to my car. Luckily, the church was only a few miles away and there weren’t any cops visible. I quickly parked, got out and started walking rapidly to the choir room to get a robe. Almost immediately I noticed I was very off-balance and looked down. I was wearing one black heel and one black flat! There was NO time to go home and fix it so I just hobbled to the choir room and selected the longest robe I could find that wouldn’t trip me up. I went through the processional and the entire service, all the way to the recessional with one heel and one flat. I just walked on one heel and one tip-toe and trusted the robe to hide me. I got away with it and no one figured it out. Saved by the robe!

Anyone else have a funny store about being partially or improperly dressed?

9 thoughts on “Always look at your feet before you leave the house.

  1. When my parents left after the birth of my second, I was soooo overwhelmed and I admit there were a lot of days spent in my pajamas (which consist of a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants.) I only have one pair of winter shoes, which are nice for church. One day I discovered that I was out of something I needed to bring to coffee hour and I rushed out the door with the kids to get it. While shopping I caught myself in the mirror: pajamas, bright pink socks, dress shoes, one of my daughter's barrette's in my hair from playing 'hair cut', my sad, sad house sweater. I was a little embarrassed needless to say.

    I'd like to say it won't happen again, but I know one of these days I'm going to forget again!


  2. While not nearly as embarrassing as Kh. Nicole's story, I once went to work with two different sneakers: a walking one and a running one. I noticed as soon as I got out of the car, but it was too late to turn back home. Fortunately, only a handful of close friends noticed (or informed me), and I was able to laugh it off.


  3. I used to have a pair of soft soled slippers that at first glance might look a bit like black ballet flats. I wore them around the apartment and one day discovered while driving somewhere that I had forgotten to change out of them before leaving the house :oO Thank goodness they were not pink and fuzzy.


  4. Wow, Kh. Nicole, that's pretty bad! Surely, with the new baby and another small child with you people just chalked it up to that!

    Thanks, ladies, for the laughs. (c;
    I really, really needed it today.


  5. That last story made me laugh out loud! 🙂

    I don't have a good story, but my dad, who was a teacher, went to work one day with two completely different shoes on and never noticed until one of his students pointed it out.

    I've almost left the house in slippers a bunch of time, fortunately, as soon as I go to press the brake in my car, I realize i have the wrong shoes on 🙂


  6. A couple of years ago I was visiting my parents and my mom and I decided to run to the grocery store while my daughter was napping. We packed the baby into the car and hurried off. It wasn't until I stepped out of the car and was putting the baby into the shopping cart that I looked down and saw I was still wearing my slippers. The ones with the hols in the toes! Until it actually happened to me, I'd never really understood how people could leave the house not knowing what they were wearing. Now when I hear those stories, I just laugh in sympathy.


  7. I have a lovely photo of my mom taken at my cousin's wedding reception. The trip to the wedding, in Chicago, was a Big Deal, and she was very careful about her wardrobe. The picture is on my FB page; the caption reads, “She's smiling even though she has on two different shoes.” She said, oh well, it's a good thing I didn't try to dance!
    (I'm sure there are some stories about me down in the archives of my brain, at least one involving navy hose and black shoes. It'll take a while for the Retrieval System to get to them though.)


  8. I once took my son to an Altar Boy meeting and then movie (the first Chronicles of Narnia) with one blue and one back shoe on.

    I'd like to say that they are the same shoe in different colors, but they aren't. So not only did the color not match, the heels were different heights.


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