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It has just occurred to me that while I have no fashion sense (seriously – I would be a good candidate for “What Not to Wear”) I bet some of you out there have LOTS. I know Mat. Emily does. She’s always putting up these lovely outfits on her blog.

Anyway, here’s the problem: My youngest brother is getting married in January just after Theophany. The wedding will be in the evening. It will also be in Dallas so I won’t need fur-lined boots. This is probably the most formal occasion I will have been to in quite a number of years. (Actually, my sister Rebecca was married in the evening too, but I was in a bridesmaid’s dress for that occasion.) Needless to say, between years of having babies (no high heels), working in hospitals (living in scrubs), and not having babysitters (no evenings out), my wardrobe is not exactly fitted for such things as formal evening weddings. In addition, since I’ve not had to even look for formal dresses, I don’t even know where to begin.

So this is my plea for help. Does anyone have any idea what would be appropriate? Keep in mind that I will still have five children with me (but I’ll have Father’s help for once) and I will need to be able to move my arms. The wedding and reception are in one venue so once I get there I won’t be going back outside until we leave. And since my youngest will probably want to be held at least once and doesn’t understand the need for keeping Mommy dressed, it can’t be, um, precariously balanced on top. If you catch my drift. (Also, I’m not comfortable in anything above the knees or frankly within several inches of them. Not to be picky.)

Fashion divas out there – help!

16 thoughts on “Fashion Advice

  1. I don't know much myself – I go to nice stories and look around and then find stuff… I got a great white Pashca skirt that way a few years ago…

    Wishing you the best of luck with this and I want to see what you find! Dresses – how fun! 🙂


  2. I enjoy wearing cute flats. Having worked in a corporate environment and having to dress professional I found flats to be a great shoe for a pregnant and working mom. Another shoe that works is a wedge. They are a little more stable than a heel. I'll post a couple links to some clothing ideas. Melanie


  3. Something two-piece might work, maybe a long dark skirt in an “evening” fabric and a dressy or semi-formal top. Then you'd have pieces you could use for other things. I'd find out what color the bridesmaids are wearing too, you'd probably want to avoid that. I love navy for evening, btw.
    I'll keep my eyes open too!


  4. I grab up those little half sweater (too thick to really be a sweater…) things that cover up arms. Then, as long as I can find something high enough in front, it doesn't matter what the sleeves look like. I have a lacy beaded one that would work over just about anything. But that might be too “precarious” for a three-year-old to be around. 🙂


  5. That's a good hint about the bridesmaids dress color, LV. I'll have to remember to ask. I think black is fine to wear for a formal evening wedding and they're unlikely to wear black. Sh. Patty, that's a good idea about the jacket. (And that dress looks like something you'd wear to bed!)


  6. Haha. It does, doesn't it? My daughter has received some strappy, thin dresses that we have convinced her are PJs. 🙂

    Like I said, the jacket is the point and they have lots of styles of them.


  7. Sh. Patty, I wanted to say that my daughter also receives a lot of strappy sundresses and we tell her she can wear them as pj's !

    Mat. Shabbyapple is very nice, but for me a little expensive if you aren't going to wear it often. DOWNEASTBASICS.COM now has formal wear and there is quite a bit in the “sale” section for low prices. I haven't gotten anything formal from them, but I do get skirts and t's from them quite often and I like their stuff !

    Hope that helps !


  8. long skirts at They have a nice spread from more formal to more day to day.
    I also like Coldwater Creek, especially if you try their outlet sales. Plus the customer service is great!


  9. I'm a little behind on commenting, but what I usually wear to a more formal occasion is a sleeveless or even strapless dress, but I pin it to my bra 🙂 And I cover it with a pretty sweater. I am all about black with a pop of color.
    When we went to a wedding this summer, I wore a strapless dress that I got a Old Navy and I fancied it up by putting a pretty shrug sweater over it. It covered me up, so i didn't feel like anything was hanging out, but I looked nice.
    Simple is always best.


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