2 thoughts on “Snips and Snails and Kitty Cat Tails

  1. I don't know if you've chronicled this elsewhere, but I'd be interested to read a play-by-play of your typical homeschooling day. I'm in need of ideas and perspective. (And yes, I realize my oldest is five.) 😉


  2. I probably haven't set it out anywhere so here it is (loosely):

    By 9:00 we try to convene. We start by singing “O Heavenly King” and I start pointing out everyone's assignments. I have a lesson plan book and I make the assignments a week in advance the previous Friday. No one has more than four subjects on any given day. The weekly schedule is always the same. Children can pick which subject they want to do when but I have veto power over this. Sometimes two children have a class together (#1 and #2 have math together and #2 and #3 have Latin together) and I also can't have more than one child doing a subject that requires my constant attention.

    We try to be finished by lunch, although sometimes #1 will finish up afterwards.

    They make an entry in their nature notebooks weekly and I don't care when they do it as long as it's done by Friday. We go to the library every Tuesday during #5's naptime. Science book-work is done early in the week and Thursday's science is practicum – no books. Friday is generally test-day: Spelling and History. Other subjects' tests are given as they come up regardless of the week day.

    That's pretty vague but that's it!


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