The Textiles of Weddings and Babies

My Grandmother’s wedding dress

Made by her mother

A fitted basque with puffed sleeves and overskirt
And a high-waisted underskirt
She looked exquisite.
A hand made dress for some long-ago baby
Carefully pintucked
And with beautiful lace insertion
And the not-so-anonymous baby (Aunt Susan) with Grandmother

7 thoughts on “The Textiles of Weddings and Babies

  1. Those are very beautiful!

    My mother made her own wedding dress, but by 5th grade I couldn't even fit into it. She was tiny! I think she weighed 100 pounds when she got married 🙂 Even my best friend in 5th grade couldn't fit into it, and she was very skinny.


  2. Just beautiful! I have a few handmade baby things that were made for me, some with the tucks and embroidery, but nothing as delicate and elaborate as this.
    Apparently people ironed baby clothes once upon a time!
    Wouldn't it be nice to see pretty, feminine wedding dresses come back in style and to see the strapless ballgown look go away!


  3. LV, that's funny about the ironing. Father said, “Want me to iron it?” when I laid it out on the bed. What a dear. I told him it might not survive. I think I'm going to very carefully iron the baby dress and mount and frame it. This is a lovely way to preserve small dresses, bonnets, doilies and bits of lace.

    Jodie Anna, Thank you! Yes, my grandmother was a knock-out. We have a picture of her on the beach, in bathing suit (ca. 1940 something) leaning on a convertable. She looks like a movie star. My sister and I look at that picture and say, “Why couldn't we have gotten some of those genes?”

    And thank you everyone else! Michelle, I could no more fit into that dress than I could fly. And I don't know how young I would have to have been to do it! I am glad that I will be able to pass these down. I have sort of turned into the family textile history archivist.


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