Crocheted Celtic Cross Baby Blanket

The [unnamed] Celtic Cross Blanket
Here’s a close-up of the simple knot-work:
The Cross itself:
And the entire blanket:
You may notice I said “unnamed” above. That’s right. I like to give each blanket a saint’s name. For this blanket I felt a saint from Ireland, Scotland or the British Isles in general (first millennium) would be most appropriate. I’ve had a few suggestions. My first inclinations were toward Brendan and Bridget. Then I realized that when I said it out loud, it came out “Brendan Branket” or “Brendan Blanklet” or “Bridget Branket”, etc.
I started looking for other names. Father pulled up a list of qualifying saints’ names on line. We quickly realized that such names as “Ninnidh”, “Beoaodh” and “Suaibhseach” were not going to work (holy as those saints might be). Father suggested using a place name instead of a saint’s name, like “Iona”.
That would make it the “Iona Blanket”. (Say it out loud.)
That’s when I decided to open the floor to you all. So we’re going to make it fun!
Leave a comment suggesting one name.  You can leave additional comments with other names if you like. On September 29th we’ll close the contest. On the 30th I’ll have Father pick the saint’s name from all of the suggestions. Then, I’ll draw one additional entrant’s name out of the hat. Both entrants will receive a crocheted bonnet in the mail. (Between now and then I’ll have a picture of the bonnets available to view.)

26 thoughts on “Crocheted Celtic Cross Baby Blanket

  1. Ohhh, I like Aidan, as I go to Saint Aidan's but my suggestion is going to be…..

    St. Bean of Banff, who is my son's patron saint.

    And I love the blanket BTW, you've inspired me to play around with filet crochet, now if I could just find some tiny squares graph paper…


  2. I like the idea of naming it for St Brigid, since she was such a hands-on woman, milking cows and feeding chickens, and probably weaving. So if Brigid doesn't work, how about the Kildaire Blanket (after the place she founded her monastery)?

    I'd love to name our farm after St Brigid someday, but since I like “place” names for homes rather than people names, and a good friend already has a St. Brigid Farm :), I think I'd like to name it Kildaire Farm


  3. “There is a legend of how St. Patrick when preaching to some soon-to-be converted heathens was shown a sacred standing stone that was marked with a circle that was symbolic of the moon goddess. Patrick made the mark of a Latin cross through the circle and blessed the stone making the first Celtic Cross. This legend implies that the Saint was willing to make ideas and practices that were formerly Druid into Christian ideas and practices. This is consistent with the belief that he converted and ordained many Druids to lives as Christian priests.”


  4. Yes, that is a real sign somewhere. I din't take the picture myself and I can't remember where I got it so many years ago. It just perfectly describes our lives though!


  5. Hi, I just want to say how beautiful this blanket is. I'd love to be able to make it for my son's christening. After many years of infertility, my husband and I will be blessed next month with our first child. I tried to access your store, but couldn't. Do you have the pattern available for sale? I've crocheted for many years, but I'm still a bit hesitant to try and create my own pattern. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you again.



  6. Sarah, congratulations on your first child! I found myself unable to work on the baptismal blankets after my miscarriages. When I realized it wasn't just a passing problem I took the shop offline so people wouldn't get irritated at seeing “no orders right now” for months and months. I never did go back and fix all of the links because these posts are seldom accessed anymore. I don't have a pattern – I made it up myself – and don't really have the skills to make my own patterns. It's simply fillet crochet using dc, each space is just one dc missing instead of two. If you enlarge the picture you can actually use that for a pattern. I have had other people do that fairly successfully on the other blankets but I don't think anyone has tried this one yet. Best of luck with it!


  7. I came across your beautiful blanket while searching filet crochet cross blankets. I know it has been several years since anyone has commented, but I wanted to write you.
    It took me a few hours, but I was able to make a pattern for your design on grid paper in the typical style of filet crochet patterns. I plan on making it a bit bigger than yours is, but the pattern would work for any size. If you would ever like the pattern, I am going to upload it onto my computer soon for safe keeping. That way you could give it to someone if they asked you for it. Thank you again for this amazing inspirational design.
    Kay (


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