You inadvertent climate modifier, you!

I can’t help but find this article on the re-naming (i.e.-rebranding) of “Global Warming” very amusing. It sounds very much like Kentucky Fried Chicken changing to “KFC”…officially. I remember the explanation was so the focus wouldn’t be so much on “fried chicken” but other parts of their menu, but it seemed all too likely they thought the word FRIED would scare away the health crowd. Remember when Martha Stewart Living changed to Martha Stewart Living after her conviction and sentencing? They were trying to shed the negative image.

I think the GW crowd is anxious to avoid a similar negative perception. Remember the Global Cooling Cover-up? Well, if you change the whole thing from “Global Warming” to “Global Climate Disruption”, then you have a convenient, all-purpose basket to throw weather/agriculturally-related disasters into. No more cat-calling when there’s a blizzard! Just chalk it up to good old Global Climate Disruption!

I think I’m kind of fond of NASA’s new term myself: “Inadvertent Climate Modification”. 

Sounds like: “Oops!”

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