Pure and Lovely

I feel bad that I’ve never shared this hilarious blog with all of you.  Rarely do I come across a blog that makes me laugh every. single. time. Plus, she’s brutally honest about parenting. Did I say brutally?  Here’s an excerpt:

It’s kind of like driving around your old car forever, until you can afford a new one, and you’re all, lusting over the potentially shiny new wheels. But the inside of your current ride looks like a frat party thrown by twenty toddlers high on breast milk. And you’re all, “When I get a new car, that actually has room for my three children, I will never trash it. I shall keep it sparking clean, as if daily polished by house elves.” Before you know it, you’re all sporting your new swagger wagon, and after a month, it’s not just a frat party. It’s a rave. Thrown by your two year old for all the neighborhood kids. It has smashed cheerios, misplaced pacies, and curdled, milk filled juice cups galore, just waiting to be rediscovered. The kids totally think it’s a game. They’re all, “take that, suckas!” while they hide junk and then wail about it. Extra points for curdled milk!

(Ahem.) I’m not saying that’s ever happened to me. BUT I would be extremely empathetic if that happened to anyone I know. Because I’m good at empathy…it’s a spiritual gift.

She is good at empathy and admits things you never would. Her post today, “a confession involving an involuntary shout out to the lady parts. {whoops}.“, is snort-milk-out-your-nose funny. And to boot, she’s a fantastic designer with all kinds of ideas for your house. Check it out!

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