A Happy Kitchen

This afternoon, my kitchen is an unbearably happy place.
I don’t know.
But I thought I’d spread some sunshine around!

Glen Miller playing In the Mood 

Clean dishes in bright colors

Bright sunshine coming in the back door windows

Cooking with butter!

Cheerful fridge decorations

Shiny silverware

A lovely view over the sink

Vintage utensils from our family beach house

My favorite linen apron in the whole world

A cool pantry

A happy me
The menu:
Pork roast with roasted red potatoes
Cheese rice
Sauteed Vidalia onions
String beans

9 thoughts on “A Happy Kitchen

  1. What a lovely post! If only my house could have such a happy mood. I feel so cranky and tired right now. I am trying very hard to be patient and to keep the house clean, but it is HARD…

    At least your post made me smile and my big kids are happily playing in the backyard 🙂


  2. Michelle,

    Notice I said a happy KITCHEN, not a happy HOUSE (c;

    Also notice I didn't take pictures of the rest of the house!

    Sometimes it helps to focus on something small – the big things can get overwhelming.

    Hope you feel better! I'm still praying for you (and your tummy) daily.


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